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Terms of Payment The following is important information regarding payment terms and conditions of use.

General Information

The number of non-exclusive licenses indicated on your invoice will be granted to you when the full amount has been paid to MAGEX. The use of these licenses is conditional upon your acceptance of the terms of use specific to the software purchased or subscribed to. The purchase or use of non-exclusive licenses and related services includes and implies the use of the product as sold. MAGEX reserves the right to make changes to these products and services without notice. It accepts suggestions, which will be evaluated by our team, but makes no commitment to implement them.

You may install a license of The Real Estate Manager on a single computer for access and use, or on a single server for concurrent access (Multi-User) and use on a network by multiple workstations, as long as the number of workstations at any given time does not exceed the number of licenses you are paying for.

Terms of payment

Here are the terms and conditions that apply depending on the type of product or service involved.


Refers to the purchase of The Real Estate Manager license (primary and secondary) and services such as, but not limited to, the service plan, training and data entry as well as the purchase of Zoom-Imm analyses on demand.

Amount is payable net before 30 days.

Possibility to pay in several installments for a fee. The first payment includes all taxes and is payable before 30 days, while subsequent payments are payable at the rate of one (1) payment every 30 days. For 3 payments, the fees are 2% on the total amount before taxes of the invoice while for 6 payments, the fees are 7% on the same amount.


Concerns the monthly or annual subscription to Zoom-Imm, The Real Estate Manager and The Real Estate Manager Web.

The amount is payable net on the day of the initial subscription, then again on the date of renewal of the invoice. Clients on automatic renewal are automatically renewed on the expiry date of their service unless they give notice to the contrary 10 days before the expiry date of their subscription.

Late Payment Penalties

Late fees are 2% per month after 30 days accumulated on unpaid balances up to a maximum of 24% per year. MAGEX reserves the right to deactivate any license or discontinue any service in case of non-payment.

Methods of Payment

Special terms and conditions apply depending on the payment method chosen.

Credit Card

Be sure to contact MAGEX if your credit information changes to avoid any interruption of service. If you wish to stop automatic renewal of your subscription, be sure to notify MAGEX prior to the renewal date or a 3% fee will be deducted from the eligible refund amount. The provider on your credit card statement will be MAGEX Technologies Inc.

Cheques Cheques must be addressed to MAGEX Technologies Inc. and include your customer file number for identification purposes. A fee of $2.50 per cheque will be charged to Zoom-Imm, The Expert Web Owner and The Expert Owner monthly service subscribers who must ensure, as with other monthly service subscribers, that payment is made in full by the day of renewal.

Refunds No returns or refunds on activated software purchases are possible. The Expert Owner service plan is non-refundable. No refunds on started monthly subscriptions.

If you are not satisfied with our real estate software for any reason, simply visit the “Your Account” page to cancel your subscription and call us for a pro-rated refund of the unused portion of your paid subscription, if it is more than one month.

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