Condo Management


An effective solution for the management of co-ownership syndicates. An EASY-TO-USE Web tool that allows you to MANAGE or PLAN different aspects of your co-ownership syndicate.
  • Accounting management
  • Simplified communication
  • Work management
  • And much more

Accounting management

  • Management of co-owner accounts, bad payers
  • Budget, fundraising, special contributions
  • Supplier management, invoices to pay
  • Management of bank accounts and reconciliations
  • Accounting reports and reports
  • Multi unions

Simplified communication

  • Communication management according to the language of the co-owner
  • Track sending history, notes and tasks
  • Personalized letters by email or SMS
  • Communication portal with individualized access to each owner

Work management

  • Intervention planning, reminders and alerts
  • Management of work orders, companies

And much more

  • Full Web, always available
  • Electronic signature of documents
  • PPP management for the payment of charges
  • Application ‘La vie en copropriété’ : déclaration incidents, suivi des colis.

Condo Expert, much more than software of
condominium management