Bail Expert

Our solution for lease management

All the features to simplify your routine: Creation and archive of leases, management of tenant data, management of increases, management of renewals and publication of vacant apartments.

Create your companies and buildings

For property owners and managers who manage one or more companies, you will be able to create companies within your software as needed.

You can create your different buildings in order to know your statistics by building thereafter.

Create your units and generate your leases

By entering the information of a unit, you can in one click create a lease with the information previously entered. All sections and details of the lease will be covered. Filling a lease has never been easier!

Send as electronic signature

You have access to the legal and official signature of Esign Connect by purchasing electronic leases from the Régie du logement on the Bail Expert software. This allows you to have access to the same remedies as with a paper lease in the event of a recourse against a tenant.

Receive signed leases and archive them

No more filing cabinets to archive your paper leases! Thanks to Bail Expert, you will have access anywhere, anytime and without contract to the various leases that you will create with the software.

Get started now with Bail Expert for free! ​

Managing leases and tenants has never been easier.