Profitability Analysis


Analyze the profitability of your income properties with Zoom-Imm, North America’s most popular real estate profitability analysis software.

By analyzing over 15 performance ratios, Zoom-Imm provides you with financial forecasts for the next 25 years, an evaluation of the selling price, and professional reports. Zoom-Imm is a real estate essential!


Zoom-Imm is an essential tool for all real estate professionals!

In addition to its user-friendly interface, Zoom-Imm will provide you with a complete and reliable analysis. Enter your property's details, and click on the arrows to continue. Zoom-Imm's analyses are easy to carry out thanks to the software's easy step-by-step process. Once you have entered all your data, the review window will suggest improvements and allow you to modify your data if necessary.

The software will generate a professional report, which will contain a detailed analysis of the income property. Regardless of your computer skills, you will quickly become a Zoom-Imm expert!

Moreover, Zoom-Imm calculates the property's selling price accoring to your preferred rate of return!

Analyze Any Real Estate Investment

Zoom-Imm can manage all sorts of income-producing properties (multi-family, commercial, etc.). Moreover, the reports produced by Zoom-Imm are well-illustrated to pinpoint the advantages of being a property lessor instead of a lessee.

Multi-family or commercial properties can be analyzed, regardless of their size, thanks to special features that you can adjust to suit your income properties. For example, for a residential lease, enter the number of rooms, the unit’s area, the rent, the included services, etc.

Professional Reports

Not only is Zoom-Imm professional, dynamic, and filled with relevant information, it also produces quality reports. The information displayed makes the report easy to read and to understand, even for beginners. Try it and see for yourself! Choose the complete report or the simplified report depending on your needs. You can even tell the software exactly what information to print, so the report only contains the data you need.

If you want to add a personal touch, simply insert your picture and your logo in the document.

Everything You Need Is on a Single Platform!

Profitability Analysis

It's simple! Zoom-Imm is your partner when it comes to income-producing real estate. Each of the ratios provided has a brief description and the formula to use to calculate it.

Not only does the software provide you with the most popular performance ratios, it goes beyond the rate of return on investment. It considers the crucial factors that will help close the most difficult deals. Zoom-Imm can even calculate the return of investment on the down payment with capitalization and appreciation of the building. You will have the exact results for the property.

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The most popular real estate profitability analysis software in North America.