Profitability Analysis


Analyze the profitability of your income properties with Zoom-Imm, the most popular real estate profitability analysis software in North America. With more than 15 calculated performance ratios, financial forecasts up to 25 years, the evaluation of the sale price, and the professional reports it offers you will not be able to do without it!


Zoom-Imm Web is an essential tool for all real estate professionals!

Designed with a user-friendly interface, Zoom-Imm Web is the ideal software to create a reliable and complete property analysis. Enter the information and click on the arrows to continue. Zoom-Imm Web will guide you step by step, from start to finish. Once you have entered all your information, the revision analysis window will suggest improvements to be made and allow you to modify your data if necessary.

A professional report will be created, containing a detailed analysis of the building in question. Regardless of your computer skills, you will be a Zoom-Imm expert in no time!

In addition, Zoom-Imm Web calculates the sale price of the property based on your desired rate of return!

Analyze any type of real estate investment

Zoom-Imm Web can manage all kinds of real estate income (Multifamily, commercial, plex, etc.).

In addition, reports produced with Zoom-Imm Web are well illustrated to accurately identify the advantages of living in a complex rather than renting an apartment. Multi-family or commercial properties can also be analyzed, regardless of their size, because the software adapts for each type of building.

For a residential lease, you must enter the number of bedrooms, the area of ​​the apartment, the rent, services included, etc. While collecting information to register a commercial lease, you will be able to enter even more specifications depending on the rent, such as: common space, occupied space, cost of initial rent, operating expenses, etc.

Professional reports

Zoom-Imm is not only professional, dynamic and full of relevant information, it also produces high quality reports. Clearly distributed information on the screen makes the report easy to read and understand, even for beginners. Try it and you will see for yourself! Choose either the full or abridged report as needed. You can even tell the software exactly what information you want to print so that the report contains what you need and rejects what you don't need.

If you want to add a personal touch, you can also insert your logo or photo in the document.

Everything you need in one simple solution!

Profitability Analysis

It's simple! Zoom-Imm is your partner when it comes to income property. Each of the ratios provided is accompanied by a brief description and the formula to be used to calculate it.

Not only does the software provide you with the most popular performance ratios, it goes beyond the rate of return on investment on the down payment. He considers the crucial factors that will help close the most difficult transactions. Zoom-Imm can even calculate the return on investment on the down payment with capitalization and appraisal of the building. You will have the exact results for the property.

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The most popular real estate profitability analysis software in North America.