An Electronic Lease Is Easy!

The lease of the Tribunal administratif du logement is integrated to Proprio Expert, our property management software. This version is compliant with the Tribunal’s lease, which means that it is official and legal.

Our electronic version contains the same information as the paper version. You do not need to manually fill out electronic leases, everything is done on a computer! You can also send the lease via email and/or archive it on the software for future reference.

How Does It Work?

To print the lease, simply enter the rent, the dates, the services, the conditions, the names of the tenants, etc. Once the lease is filled out, click on “Export.” Then, you will be able to choose if you want to export the lease in read only format or in editable format.

To print the lease, you must buy leases in your account on the Magex Technologies’ website. The leases, which cost $7.95 plus tax each, will be stored in your file. Every time you print a lease, your printing rights will decrease. When the lease is filled out, signed, and archived, you will be able to consult it as many times as you want.

How to Sign a Lease Electronically?

The Tribunal administratif du logement will accept a lease with a digitized signature. Nonetheless, do not risk it. Use a legal and official electronic signature tool, such as Esign Connect. With this platform, you can keep track of your signatures and be alerted when your documents get signed.

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