Results to Our Satisfaction Survey: Thank You for Participating!

We have recently asked for your feedback on our software in a satisfaction survey. More than a hundred of you responded… We want to sincerely thank everyone who participated. 

We can assure you that we carefully read all your responses. Some questions came up more often; here are our answers.

“Can I modify/enlarge the font/add text to the letter templates?”

Of course! We provide you with basic letter templates; however, you can create new templates or customize the text to your needs. The variables that we have included in our templates will automatically change according to the recipient of the message. For example:

Hello, [Tenant-First Name], I hereby inform you of your late rent payment for the unit at [Tenant-Address]. As of today, you still owe [Tenant-Amount Due]…

[Landlords-Full Name]



[Company-Phone Number]

In the coming months, we will add over 70 letter templates and forms approved by real estate lawyers. To facilitate your letter management, our templates will be available in French and in English and will be customizable.

Tell us if you would like a training course on “How to Create Adaptable Letters”

“I wish Proprio Expert was more “versatile.” It would be good if I could link it to other apps like, Quickbooks, Google Agenda, etc.”

You will be happy to learn that we have been working on this for a few months. Our goal is for our clients to be able to link our software with external software. We think that, as time goes by, the need for versatile and flexible software grows, and we want to offer just that to our users.

“The data available on the mobile app is limited. The app crashes often.

Indeed, this is one of our weaknesses. We are currently working on improving the app. We want to offer a reliable and complete app that users can enjoy.

We released our app quickly to allow our clients to consult their data from their mobile phone. Unfortunately, we noticed that the app is limited and that it is meeting neither our client’s expectations nor our own.

“I would like to advertise my units on Facebook Marketplace.”

Many of you suggested this. We have been considering this for a while; however, Facebook limits us integration-wise.

We still want to integrate this platform to our software, but it is not in our current roadmap, as we do not have a concrete solution.

“I would like to be able to manage storage spaces directly in the software.”

This module will be added to our software in 2022.

“I would like to link my bank account to my Proprio Expert account.”

It is in our roadmap for 2022. Unfortunately, we cannot commit to a date.

“Is there a way to be notified of updates in real time?”

Of course! If you are not subscribed to our newsletter, you can follow us on social media. We constantly post about our updates, our new partnerships, and many other things! 

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We also asked you: “Would you use these features for your property management?”

Here are the features that received the most votes:

  1. Scheduling annual reminders (Ex: Cleaning the gutters)
  2. Linking the software’s calendar to your online calendar (Google, Outlook, etc.) 
  3. Having an insurance section with your policy and its expiration date
  4. Scheduling emails and letters
  5. Calculating the economic value

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