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Real estate as we know it has changed drastically in the last year thanks to various changes, such as increases in property prices and constraints caused by the pandemic. Nonetheless, real estate remains a safe investment. Indeed, real estate is one of the best investments, as it is physical property that lasts over time. Real estate property is particularly profitable because of its continuous increase in value. Real estate rarely depreciates, and a decrease in value only occurs in exceptional cases.

As we all know, 2020 was the year of change for everyone, and the business sector was no different. The pandemic pushed many fields to reinvent themselves and to use new tools to complete their tasks. This also extends to the real estate industry. Many professionals turned to new technologies to facilitate their work. Capterra recently published a study on this subject.

The Use of Digital Documents

Digital documents greatly gained in popularity during the pandemic. Business trips and in-person meetings were limited, which means that approving and signing paper documents was almost impossible. Therefore, many started using digital documents to ensure everyone’s safety. Two-thirds of real estate agencies interviewed by Capterra who used digital documents were happy with how their data was handled.

Furthermore, this study revealed that using digital documents improved many recent property owners’ customer experience and accelerated the buying process.

On the other hand, some technologies in the real estate industry were deemed more useful than others. The following chart summarizes the most used technologies in this industry.

Source : Capterra

Although many landlords and property managers have only recently discovered these technologies, Magex Technologies always saw the potential of digital documents. For several years, we have strived to develop software that facilitates the life of every real estate professional. We know that, more often than not, getting the right documentation is a demanding process. Thus, our software accelerate the day-to-day responsibilities thanks to many automated tasks. Moreover, these software help to connect real estate professionals and their clients quickly and easily.

Technology on the Daily

Over the years, Magex Technologies has acquired a great expertise in this area. Nowadays, its software incorporate many tools; therefore, a property manager or a landlord can manage their properties efficiently. The four software currently on the market facilitate and quicken various processes.

  • Consult, complete, and sign digital leases
  • Write and send letters, notices, emails, and routine text messages
  • Conduct online credit checks
  • Collect rent payments
  • Keep track of property’s accounting
  • Advertise your vacant units

To discover how our software can help you make your property management more efficient, choose a category that best suits your needs:

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