Online Co-ownership Management with Condo Expert

Are you a co-owner who is tired of manually entering your invoices and finding inconsistencies in your management? If so, you definitely need a practical co-ownership management software!

Manually managing the tasks of a co-ownership can become very confusing. This is why you need an online management tool to manage everything on a single platform and to have all your data on hand.

Condo Expert is a syndicate of co-ownership management solution that suits your needs. Here are six of its advantages that should convince you to switch to online management:

1- Keep All Your Data in One Place

All the data related to your properties, your companies, your co-owners, and your supplies is on a single software, so you can keep track of your syndicate of co-ownership anytime and anywhere.

No need to organize or to archive! All your documents are stored and easily accessible directly on the platform.

2- Collect Co-Ownership Fees

With Condo Expert, you can collect co-ownership fees from the co-owners. No need to collect the fees in person and to manage stragglers! Switch to pre-authorized debits.

You are sure to save time and energy by switching to an online co-ownership fee collecting process that is fully automated.

3- Manage Your Accounting

Keep a close eye on your accounts receivable and payable and on your budget forecast. Directly on the platform, you can manage various transactions, plan your future investments, and prepare each co-owner’s contribution.

4- Send Automated Letters and Notices

Thanks to Condo Expert, you can easily communicate with every co-owner via letters, notices, or personalized communications. With this software, your letters and notices are automatically filled out and addressed to the right co-owner with their personal information.

You can also give the co-owners access to a communication portal and send them text messages and emails. Every exchange sent from the platform is saved for future reference.

5- Manage Repairs and Works

On the platform, you can manage the co-owners’ service calls and track every step of the renovations. Create renovation files and enter your material and labor costs. Oversee budgets and communicate with other co-owners, employees, and suppliers.

6- Generate Financial Statements

By managing your accounting in Condo Expert, you can generate your financial statements in just a few clicks. If you are diligent, you can save money by making your accountant’s job easier and faster!

Take the Leap Now!

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