How our new integration will save you time and money

With the current situation that we have been experiencing for almost a year now, many real estate companies have taken a digital turn to improve their services. Thus, we have entered into a partnership agreement with Usewalter to offer you a virtual service application for you and your tenants and/or co-owners.

What exactly is the Usewalter application?

As introduced at Dragon’s Den, Usewalter is a web & mobile application, offering smart building technology that brings all of your building’s information, communications and services together in one application. Your tenants could book the gym, order housekeeping services, requisition handyman services, and all of this, directly in the Usewalter app.

What are your benefits?

Have access to all building contacts at your fingertips;
View all your building rules and documents in the platform;
Create work orders, send them to your employees and suppliers and follow up in the platform;
Write notices, publish communiqués to all your tenants and owners.

What are the benefits of offering Usewalter to your tenants and owners?

Offer a user-friendly communication platform for your residents;
Allows you to offer additional services to your residents, without increasing your rental management;
Offer a virtual bulletin board to post goods for sale or to borrow;
Allows your residents to receive an alert when they receive their packages;
Residents can choose their favorite communication channels (SMS, email, in-app notifications).

The value of Usewalter is mainly in its ease of use and its integrated chat tool.

Indeed, the advantage of this communication tool is that you don’t have to worry about communicating with the tenant according to his favorite communication tool.

As soon as a resident contacts you, the tool integrates the communication into the application and displays a chat window. You can answer the chat window and your resident will receive the communication according to his predefined communication mode.

Would you like to learn more about Usewalter?

Usewalter offers you the first 2 months of subscription to the platform for free and a 10% discount on the subscription.

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