4 Steps to Rent Safely During a Crisis

1- Choose the Right Video Chat Tools

In the current circumstances, many have chosen a new way of presenting their vacant units. Indeed, many landlords and property owners have been using technology to organize virtual pre-visits to determine which interested prospects want an in-person visit. Which tools have they been using? Various tools are available depending on your needs. Facetime, Google Hangout, and Messenger are easily accessible, but other professional tools are also available, such as Zoom, Skype, etc.

2- Carry Out the Credit Checks Electronically

When you find a potential tenant, you can ask them to fill out your credit check form electronically or by printing it and digitizing it after. Afterwards, you can send the form to the organization you are dealing with, so you can receive your future tenant’s credit history.

3- Fill Out the Lease Electronically

Now, you are ready to sign the lease! Do not risk getting contaminated. Use Proprio Expert to fill out an electronic lease and to send it to your new tenant. Stay assured, Proprio Expert’s lease is official and legal in the eyes of the Tribunal administratif du logement!

4- Append a Legal and Official Signature

The Tribunal administratif du logement accepts digitized signatures; however, do not take any risks and use an official and legal signature tool like Esign Connect.

These days, take care of yourself and your family, minimize the risks, and protect yourself!

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